June July August and September Volleyball Practices

  • June Practices: 

    June 12-14  Monday-Wednesday

    Mandatory Volleyball Camp:  Both Grades

    Time:  9-12

    Cost is $80.00 per player


    June 19th:  7th grade team Practice:  9-11:00

    June 20th:  8th grade team Practice:  9-11:00

    June 22nd:  both teamsPractice:  9-11:00


    June 27th:  7th grade team Practice:  5:30-7:30 

    June 28th:  8th Grade Team Practice:  5:30-7:30

    June 29th:  Both team Practice:  5:30-7:30


    July 17th:  Both Teams:  9-11  ( We will be practicing with the high school team this week)

    July 18th:  Both Teams:  9-11

    July 19th:  Both Teams:  9-11


    July 25th:  7th Grade Team:  9-11

    July 26th:  8th Grade team:  9-11

    July 27th:  Both Teams Practice:  9-11


    July 31st:  7th Grade Team:  3:30-5:30

    August 1st:  8th Grade Team:  3:30-5:30

    August 2nd:  Both Teams:  3:30-5:30


    August 8th:  Both Teams:  3:30-5:30

    August 9th:  Both Teams:  3:30-5:30


    August 15th:  7th Grade team:  3:30-5:30

    August 16th:  8th grade team:  3:30-5:30

    August 17th:  Both Teams:  3:30-5:30


    August 22nd:  7th grade team:  3:30-5:30

    August 23rd:  8th grade team:  3:30-5:30


    August 29th:  7th grade team:  3:30-5:30

    August 30th:  8th grade team:  3:30-5:30


    September 6th:  8th grade team:  3:30-5:30

    September 7th:  Both Teams:  3:30-5:30


    September 12th:  8th grade team:  3:30-5:30

    September 13th:  Both Teams:  3:30-5:30


    September 19th:  Both Teams:  3:30-5:30

    September 20th:  Both Teams:  3:30-5:30