Volleyball tryouts for 2017 school year:

    If you are an upcoming 7th grader, you will tryout on..... 

    March 21st:  7th grade tryouts only 

    If you are an upcoming 8th grader, you will tryout on....

    March 22nd:  8th grade tryouts only

    Tryout times are from 3:30-5:30

    You will need proper knee pads and shoes to tryout

    You have to have a current physical to me before tyrouts! 

    Parents, please be on time to pick up your child by the gym! 

    You will know by Friday who made the team!  It will be posted 

    at the END of the day!  

    In the fall, tryouts will be ONLY for transfer students and if you were hurt and

    not able to try out this spring!  In the fall, you will have to bring me a doctor's note informing

    me about the injury.  Those are the only two ways one can try out in the fall.  


    More information will be coming in March.  

    Good Luck! 

    Coach Hodges