Makerspaces, learning commons, hands-on activities, centers, project-based learning--whatever you call it, we offer (or plan to offer) several opportunities for students to learn by doing--to become producers instead of just consumers.  

Robotics:  Using Lego Mindstorms NXT2 software and Lego Kits 9797, students can build, program, repeat.  It is all about solving problems.  I can build a robot and I can program it to do my will!  Well, sort of.  Students can, however, learn the logical thinking that comes from building and coding.  The center has several build suggestions and access to the software to download and create programs.

Digital Creation Station:  This center has a  Hue Animation stop-motion camera and it's accompanying software as well as a green screen..  Students can manipulate figures or people to create a video or they can record themselves doing a book commercial in front of the green screen.
Windows MovieMaker is available on laptops in the library.  Here are some tips I found on the web for Movie.Maker

1. Introduction to MovieMaker

2. Add and edit pictures and video

3. Edit a video clip

4. Add text

5. Add music

6. Edit music

7. Save as a video file


A Macbook is available with iMovie software.  Cameras and webcams are also tools that are available for students to be creative and productive while they are learning.