November 2016 
Welcome to the homepage of "Encore!"  This is a select group of students who will be performing 2 musicals throughout the year.
11/12/16. Saturday.  EVERYONE.  Cue-to-cue Rehearsal, lunch (provided), & run-through.  10am-3pm.  Ridgeland High School.
11/14/16. Monday.  Everyone will be bused over to Ridgeland High School Auditorium. (Bring a snack!) Dismissal at 6pm at Ridgeland High School.
11/15/16. Tuesday.  Go home after school.  Then meet-up at Ridgeland High School at 5:45pm. Parent pick-up from RHS at 7:30pm.
11/16/16. Wednesday. Everyone will be bused over to Ridgeland High School Auditorium after school. (Bring a snack!) Dismissal at 6:30pm at Ridgeland High School.
11/17/16. ThursdaySee below.
8:30am- Bussed from GMS to RHS.
10:00am: DRESS REHEARSAL for Mannsdale & Madison Crossing 4th & 5th graders).
Back to GMS.  LUNCH at GMS.
5:15pm. ENCORE STUDENTS Arrive at 5:15 at RHS Auditorium.
PERFORMANCE @ 6:30pm. Open to the public. 
Tickets will be sold in advance & at the door.  Tickets $5. 
Our first performance will be of Honk, Jr.  
Honk Jr.  
Synopsis of the Musical: 
Based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly DucklingHonk! tells the story of an odd looking baby duck, Ugly, and his quest to find his mother. Soon after Ugly is born, he is seduced away by a wily Cat who wants to eat Ugly for dinner. Eventually, Ugly manages to escape but has no idea how to return home. Along his way, he encounters a beautiful swan, Penny, tangled in a fishing line. After saving her, the two birds fall in love. However, she must return to her flock and fly south for the winter. Eventually, Ugly’s mother finds him frozen in snow. Luckily, her warm tears manage to thaw him out and he comes back to life – as a handsome swan! Soon, Ugly is reunited with Penny and two swans decide to live the rest of their days in the same pond as Ugly’s loyal mother. 
Performance Dates:
Thursday, November 17.  10am  DRESS REHEARSAL, Ridgeland High School Auditorium
Thursday, November 17.  6:30pm  PERFORMANCE, Ridgeland High School Auditorium.                                                                $5 Admission. 
Extra Rehearsals during the week of the Performance:
Nov. 12 (Saturday) - Movers & Shakers move sets to Ridgeland High School.  Then Encore! rehearsal at Ridgeland High School.  
Nov. 14 (Monday):  After school rehearsal.  Students will be bused to Ridgeland High School after school.  Pick-up time is to be determined.
Nov. 15 (Tuesday): After school rehearsal. Students will be bused to Ridgeland High School after school.  Pick-up time is to be determined.
Nov. 16 (Wednesday): After school rehearsals.  Students will be bused to Ridgeland High School after school.  Pick-up time is to be determined.
Nov. 17 (Thursday): PERFORMANCE 1 for Elementary  Schools.  10:00am.  (Encore! will arrive early.)
Nov. 17 (Thursday): PERFORMANCE 2 open to the public.  6:30pm.  (Encore! will arrive early.)  Cast celebration to follow evening performance.
Nov. 18 (Friday). Strike the set and move everything back to GMS. 
Honk jr. Cast List!

Drake – Jacoby Johnson                                 Bullfrog – Coen Mooney

Ida – Kathryn Marsh                                       Froglets – Sam Owen Jones

Maureen – Chandelle Viitkins                                          Anna Werhan

                                                                                          Kamryn Lee

The Ducklings – Charlee Anderson                                  Erin Simon

                          Emma Bridges                                        Maddie Campbell

                          Cloeigh Cupstid                                      Olivia Tullis

                          Caden Miller                                           Gabby Blanton

Ugly – Whitten Gray                                                        Gracie Guest

The Cat – Mya Bell                                                           

Greylag – Addy Huddleston                            Ensemble: 

Dot – Emma Ellard                                                   Makayla Marshall       

Greylag’s squad:                                                       Zamerica Gee

      Barnacles – Gracia Oden                                    Kamryn Lee

      Snowy – Nyla Johnson                                       Kaitlyn Hurt

      Pinkfoot – Kamilah Millsap                               Christina Ames

Rest of squad:                                                          Tyler Honigfort

                       Kaitlyn Rouse                                   Millie Edwards

                       Kristen Arrington                             Shannon Branson       

                       Christian Gipson                              Gabby Morgan

                      Ava Hardee                                       Cole Waites

                      Sydney Tullis                                    Christina Elder

                      Madison Horel                                  Chloe Stewart

Penny – Sydney Horel                                            Madison Brown

Father Swan – Evan Clark                                      Kelly Quartermouse

Mother Swan – Daisia Keeton                                Ada Walters

Berwick – Amari Cooper                                          

Grace – Molli Amis

Henrietta – C. C. Trim

Jaybird – Perry DeLoach

Turkey – Michael Clark

What should students be working on?
-Memorizing Lines
-Singing through their parts in Ensemble & Solo numbers
-Attending & reviewing notes from all "Blocking" Rehearsals 
We're excited about this Fall's show!   
Resources:  (Music Theatre International)
We'd like to thank our...
"Sponsors in Arts Education:" 
bankplus  MPE
Stay tuned for further updates!