Madison Avenue Upper Elementary

Mark Of Excellence


  1.  Madison Avenue Upper Elementary Phone Number 601-856-6609

  2. School Begins at 7:30 and Ends at 2:20

  3. What is car-rider procedure?  Students can be dropped off in the morning between 7:00-7:30 am.   After this time, the doors to the school will be locked and the student must be signed in by a parent.      

    Afternoon car-rider begins at 2:20.   Students that are car riders will be in the gym to wait on their parents to come pick them up.  Parents are to have their child's school number posted on the window so their child can be called out of the gym in a timely manner.  PARENTS/GUARDIANS PICKING UP CHILDREN MUST HAVE THE CAR RIDER  NUMBER TO PICK UP CHILDREN.  IF YOU DON'T HAVE CAR RIDER NUMBER, YOU MUST GO INTO OFFICE TO SHOW LICENSE/ID TO OFFICE STAFF TO SIGN OUT THE CHILD.