Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

Disclaimer: Residency must be complete before participating in MacBook Distribution. 

Madison Central High School has scheduled MacBook distribution on July 21st for  new incoming 10th  through 12th grade students. The distribution process will be held in our library at 5:30 pm. Information will be provided about policies and procedures at that time.  

Step 1:
How to Register:
1.  You must sign in with your Schoolwires (MCS website) account.  If you do not have one, you must obtain a Schoolwires (MCS website) account.  Click the "Register" button at the top this screen. Follow the instructions to create an account.  
For an easy Help Guide with step-by-step instructions to setup your Schoolwires' account, please click the link
Step 2:
Register Now

Parent/guardian attendance is mandatory for this distribution process.

What to bring:

1.      Apple ID/Password

2.     $50 cash, Credit/Debit card, Money Orders or Pre-pay using the PayPal link below. Checks Not Accepted

PayPal Payment