ACT Statement:
1. Students are encouraged to begin their ACT test taking with the PLAN, which is the practice ACT. Typically administered in November of the 10th grade year, this test is an abbreviated version of the ACT and is given during the day at Madison Central.  For the 2012-13 school year, it will be given in April.
2. Once PLAN scores are returned, students should review their scores for an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Students should then consider taking the regular ACT following their 10th grade year.
3. Most Madison Central students at this point will have completed geometry. This course is used as a reference for test preparation since the math section of the ACT is the most school (achievement) based portion and 80 percent of the math questions are at the pre-algebra, Algebra I and geometry level. However, students must realize that research has indicated that ACT scores improve as students take more advanced courses, especially in mathematics.
4. For students who complete geometry their junior year and who are four-year or junior-college bound, they should take the ACT at least in June following the completion of their junior year. Taking the ACT for the first time in September of their senior year is too late.
5. The ACT should be taken multiple times because test familiarity leads to less stress and normally higher scores. An increase of a few points could mean thousands of additional dollars in college scholarships. It is recommended that students skip at least one testing period between retakes. This will allow time for score reports to be returned to students so they will be able to determine how to prepare for further ACT's. For example, a student who takes the ACT following the completion of his 10th grade year could take it at least four times if applying for early admission (November 1) his senior year. This student could test during the October, February, and June administrations during his junior year. Students who apply to schools with a February 1 deadline would have the additional October administration during their senior year. ACT allows a student to take the test no more than 12 times.
6. ACT score improvement is highly likely for students who study. Various resource materials are available whether in the form of study guides, workshops, or tutors. Students are encouraged to see their counselor for more information.
7.  More information can be found at

Registering for the ACT:
There are two ways to register for the ACT. One way is to fill out the information online. The web site is Directions on how to register online can be found in Student Services. It is also possible to register by paper application packet.  ACT sends schools limited quantities of paper packets so a student needs to request a packet in Student Services. Please do not forget to add our school code or we will not receive scores that are added to transcripts. When registering, you are asked "Your High School Code", please be sure you enter: 251740