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is a national nonprofit student organization serving 300,000 students enrolled in career and technical training programs at public high schools and colleges.

SkillsUSA-Mississippi is the vocational student organization that is a part of National Skills USA. Students enrolled in a trade, technical, industry, or health related programs may become members of this organization. The State association has over 2,800 high school and community college members enrolled.  Skills USA is taught in trade, technical, industry, and health related programs as an integral part of the programs and it is strongly recommended that all students in these programs become active members of their local chapters.

SkillsUSA-Mississippi high school members participate in leadership and skills contests at the District level and advance to State Championship. The first place winners from the State Championship will represent Mississippi at the National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City, MO each year in June.

Events for 2016-2017  I will leave last years dates  and places on this site so you can have a good idea of when the usual events occur until I get the official calendar of events  at which time I will change them. Expenditures look to be the same but will also be changed upon notification from Skills USA national headquarters.
November 5, 2016                          Fall Leadership Conference/South Jones Co. Junior College, Ellisville
October 19 -December 17, 2016   Regional Competitions Registration site open
November 15, 2016                        Skills USA 100% Membership
February 4, 2016                           Region II Competition Mississippi Delta Community College, Moorhead
December 18, 2016                        Advisor of the Year Nomination Form
March 1 & 2, 2017                       Skills USA Mississippi State Championships Trade mart and surrounding area, Jackson

April 1 - May 1&2, 2017              National Leadership and Skills Conference Registration (open)

June, 2017                                      National Leadership and Skills Conference Louisville, KY
Projected Costs and expenditures for Contests,  Registrations, and Trips.  Prices are subject to change without notice!  Once you have committed to attending a competition, fees , registration, and transportation costs are non refundable. 
  • Membership for Skills USA is $15.00 per student at the Career Center
  • Fall Leadership will be $15.00 per person which includes lunch and transportation
  • Regional Competition is $25.00 per  person and includes lunch and transportation
  • State Competition is $30.00 per person for registration. Transportation will be based on the number of students attending and will be announced at a later date.
  • Advisor: Mr. McPhail

State of Mississippi Skills U.S.A. website                                       National Skills U.S.A. website

Madison County Schools and Madison Career and Technical Center do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or handicapping condition.