Welcome to General Music!
January Updates, 2017:
Music of the Decades: 1960's Music
1/4: Intro to the 1960s.  Turn in the "British Invasion" worksheet for a grade.  Finish for homework if not completed in class.  Due 1/6.
1/6: The Beatles 
1/9:  The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, &Woodstock
1/11:  Protest Songs (Creedence Clearwater, Edwin Starr), & Motown Music (The Temptations, The Supremes)
1/13:  Hairspray the Musical, Day 1
1/18: Hairspray the Musical, Day 2, Bingo Review, & Chapter Wrap-Up
1/20: Hairspray QUIZ, Study Guide & Jeopardy Review
1/24Chapter Test on 60s Music & Hairpsray the Musical, Watch Beatles 50th Anniversary Tribute
When can I come to Zero block?
Thursdays & Fridays mornings from 7:45-8:15am.
Also, Mondays & Wednesdays I'll be in the library.  You can find me there if you have a question. 
Great job at "Day of the Arts"!
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Chapter 1 (Instruments of the Orchestra) Supplemental Material: 
HOMEWORK: (Assigned Aug 30. Due 9/6.  -10 points for each day late) Turn in your "My 'Instrument Families" Pamphlet" - quiz grade.  -10 points each day late.
Fun website to check your instrument knowledge:  http://www.musictechteacher.com/music_quizzes/music_quizzes.htm  
Check out:   
   -Instrument Spinoff
   -Instrument Family Quiz
   -Instrument Families  Football
   -Instrument Soccer Challenge
   -Mighty Music Man 3- Instruments
   -Music Family Invaders
   -Instruments Scramble
   -Identify the Instrument
   -Percussion Concentration
   -Hangman- Instruments 
Chapter 1: Instruments 
August 10:  Today we're studying Woodwind instruments. There will be a 10-question clarinet worksheet to complete for classwork/homework. Also, Kroger forms are due by Friday, Aug 12.
August 12:  Study Brass instruments & review Woodwinds.  There will be a multiple-choice Quiz next class. 
August 16:  25-question (multiple choice) Quiz on Woodwinds & Brass instruments.  Classwork--worksheet "Odd One Out" & Classifying instruments of the Orchestra
August 18:  Take notes on String Instruments.
August 22:  Take notes on Percussion Instruments. 
August 24:  Quiz on String & Percussion instruments.  Students will receive a study-guide to complete for a grade.  Test next class.
August 26:  40-question TEST on Chapter 1, Instruments.
Last TEST, 9/12:  Guitar (30 written questions).  Study your Notes, Day 1 & Day 2.  
Welcome back to School!
I'm looking forward to meeting each and every one of you.  :-) 
What do I need for this class?
3 dividers in your Music Binder:  1) MavMarks, 2) Notes, 3) Music
1 folder with 3-prongs for your Guitar Method Book 
1 pair of ear buds 
And a good attitude! :-) 
No prior Music experience necessary! 
What will we work on throughout the year? 
Instrumental units include: 
-African & Caribbean Drumming 
-Guitar (chords, sheet music, & tabs)
You will have a performance-based assessment on these twice a month. 
Musical Topics include:
-Instruments of the Orchestra
-World Music
-Mississippi Musicians
-Jazz & Blues
-Music of the Decades (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s & today's)
-Musician Biography PowerPoint Project
-Music in Film
-Musical Theatre
-"Making the Band" Group Final Project 
You will have a written test on these every 3-4 weeks.   
1) Bring in a bag of candy for +5 on your lowest daily grade. (i.e. Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, etc.)  
2) Bring in a set of guitar strings for +5 on your lowest Quiz grade.
3) Bring in a pair of drum sticks for +5 on your lowest Quiz grade.
4) After every Test, I will provide a written assignment that will add +5 points.  Stay tuned for more details. 
Be sure to practice or complete make-up work during Zero Block! (Thursdays & Fridays: 7:45-8:15am)  I'll also be in the library on Mondays/Wednesdays if you have a question.
Do you like music?   Have you ever wanted to play an instrument, one that is actually practical in the real world?  Well, now's your chance!  Join General Music!  This isn't a typical book class.  In General Music we'll explore all aspects of music as we "learn by doing."  This class will be divided into 3 parts:  1.  Theory (Reading Music & Playing Rhythms), 2. Music History (learning about the "Music of the decades," Jazz, Blues, etc.), and 3. Application (applying music to real instruments--such as keyboards and guitars!!!  No experience necessary.  Only good attitudes!
Sponsors of Germantown Middle School & General Music:
A special thanks to our dear friends and Partners in Education for providing the class set of guitars and keyboards:
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