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Mrs. Boyd-Jones aka "Ms. Boyd" teaches English I-IV as well as related electives at the AOC. This is her 17th year teaching in the Madison County School District. She has been teaching at the Academic Options Center 16 years now. She is a product of the Madison County School District as a graduate of Velma Jackson High School. She earned her B.A. in English from Mississippi Valley State University, and her  Masters in Education from University of Phoenix.  She is married and have (2) sons her oldest is a freshman at Germantown High and her youngest is an 8th grader at Germantown Middle School, both are members of their respective bands. I am a very PROUD band mom.  I look forward to a great school school year. 
 Classroom Expectations


You are to ask permission to leave your seat for ANY reason.

 Do NOT ask for permission during discussion or reading unless it is an emergency.


You are to sit in your assigned seat at all times. No one should sit in another seat unless I have instructed him/her to do so.


Raise your hand if you wish to speak and wait to be called on.

Do not call out to be recognized or call out an answer.

Do not leave your seat without permission.

Begin on Bell ringer immediately. Do not wait until told to do so.

Do not leave paper under the desk or on the floor.

Do not come behind my desk.


 Be Respectful -respect others, use manners, follow directions

 Be Responsible-turn in assignments on time, use class time wisely, clean after yourself

Be Ready-have supplies, be on time, be ready to learn


A stress free learning environment

Verbal acknowledgement

Homework Pass

A positive phone message or email home

Star Student Recognition