Mr. White

      Mr. Ormond White

I've been teaching at the Academic Options Center for the past six years. I'm excited about the new addition STEM. It should be fun incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in the class. The Students will complete studies in technology literacy, the design process, robotics simulation, financial and economic literacy, and workplace skills for the 21st century.

Classroom Rules

Students will be

  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Courteous
  • Honest

(failure to comply results in students being written up.)

Classroom Expectations

·        Students are to use restrooms at the proper time allotted; not during class time. In case of emergency students will be written up.

·        When arriving to classroom students are to remain at the door in a single line until teacher instructs them to come into classroom.

·        Student assignments done on the computer should be properly headed.

·        Assignments are to be completed within the allotted timeframe; 10 points deduction will be enforced otherwise.

·        Beginning at each class period, students are to complete each bell-ringer before going onto regular class assignments.

·        Students are to raise hand in order to get teacher attention.

·        Students are to wait until the end of class to dispose trash.

·        Students are to come to class prepared with needed supplies.

·        Makeup work should be turned in no later than a week after due date; automatic 10 points deduction.

·        Behavior Plan Slips will stay in the possession of teacher and performances will be reported to students at the end of class.

·        Students will be dismissed by bus number at the end of class. 
Activities for Learning

Discussion boards

Peer evaluation

Solid Works software

Teaching with Movies

Microsoft Office Suite ’07(Word, Excel, and Publisher)

GoVenture (entrepreneursoftware)

Lego Robots

Financial planning software

Assessments (These can be written tests but most will be project-based.)

Bell Work

Guided Practice

Independent Practice

Weekly Mixed Practice

Unit Tests

Performance Based Assessments(4)

District Mixed Practice Test(3)

End of the Year Common Assessment

Directed Individual Project
Our classroom procedures will begin as soon as the students arrive to class. You are to come into class and take your seat and begin on your bell-ringer assignment.  You must remain in your seat at all times; you must raise your hands for permission to get up.
Cell phones are prohibited on the school grounds and are certainly not permitted in this classroom.  I will confiscate them and turn them over to the office to be redistributed by Dr. Hill when she deems it appropriate.
Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK will be allowed in the classroom.  The equipment in this room is expensive to replace.
You will be assigned a computer when computer work begins.  You may not switch with another student.  Any damage done to that computer is your responsibility. Make sure that there is no damage before you begin your work session.
When the end-of-class bell rings,you are to be in your seat before class will be dismissed.   
You are to show respect and courtesy to everyone in the classroom including the teacher. You are also expected to take responsibility for your actions.

Students are to save their work to the C drive folder for each application and to their individual folders.  It is your responsibility to save your own work; work unsaved is work undone.