What does FACES stand for?

FACES (Fostering an Awareness of Citizenship through Empowerment and Service)

What is the history of FACES?

FACES is an organization established to provide Ridgeland High School students
with community service experience and opportunities to develop leadership
skills and self-discipline.

What will be required of me?

Students will be required to attend regular meetings, participate in
fundraising activities and interact with various people from local businesses
and organizations.

How can I be an active member?

As a member of FACES, students are required to serve on one of four
committees. These committees are designed to empower students by allowing them
to conduct meetings (using Robert's Rules of Order as a basic guide),
brainstorm, make decisions and to develop overall leadership skills.

What are the four committees?

The four committees are Fundraising, Public Relations, Social, and the Civic

The Sponsors are:

Civic - Mrs. Blackledge 
Fundraising - Ms. Jewel Summers
Public Relations - Mrs. Knight
Social - Coach Nailor 

What does the Fundraising Committee do?

This committee is responsible for raising funds through the various
opportunities available, e.g., bake sales, car washes, etc.

What does the Public Relations Committee do?

This committee is responsible for recruiting new members, announcing club
events, advertising events in school paper, etc.

What does the Social Committee do?

This committee is responsible for planning social events for the entire
organization.  At least two social events should be planned for the school
year, e.g., end-of-year banquet.

What does the Civic Committee do?

This committee is responsible for supporting the community by assisting local
organizations and/or businesses. Services may include visiting residents at
the State Hospital, VA Hospital, nursing homes. Special projects may also be
selected, such as assisting Habitat for Humanity, Soldiers' Angels, Stewpot, H.A.N.D.S., etc.