Hello F.A.C.E.S Members,

Please be advised that if you do not attend your committee meeting(s) or any other mandatory meeting, you will receive demerits. Demerits result in negative service hours. (ex. -2 hrs.) In the event you receive an accumulation of ten negative hours, you will not be allowed to attend or participate in the community Fashion Show. When you miss a meeting you must submit a written explanation to your sponsor why you missed that meeting. For each missed meeting you will receive a -1/2 demerit.
Many parents have inquired about FACES activities. Please let your parent(s) or guardian know about our website.
We now have a bulletin board with a calendar and all of our latest info and updates. This board is located near the cafeteria area!! So go check it out!!!


The Mission on the Bay trip has been cancelled due to external reorganization. The current administration does not permit weekend work activities.  Our only alternative is to schedule a trip that would begin on Monday.  We can work any number of days during the week but not on the weekend.  If you are interested in any of the following, please see Tabitha Agany.

  • We can leave on Sunday the December, 21st and return on the 23rd.

  • We can leave on Sunday the 28th and return on the 30th.

  • Or we can leave the week of Spring Break.