Central Office Directory

Phone: 601.499.0800
Brandy Birdwell, Receptionist
Laurise Curtis, Receptionist 


Superintendent's Office


Dr. Ronnie McGehee, Superintendent 
Ellen Aregood, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent/Board Secretary
Richard Burge, Associate Superintendent
Monique McGonagill, Administrative Assistant to Richard Burge
Edith Mitchell, Associate Superintendent
Debbie Fields, Administrative Assistant to Edith Mitchell 
Kalvin Robinson, Associate Superintendent
Monique McGonagill, Administrative Assistant to Kalvin Robinson
Charlotte Seals, Associate Superintendent
Debbie Kimbrough, Administrative Assistant to Charlotte Seals

Office of Academic Education

Charlotte Seals, Associate Superintendent
Debbie Kimbrough, Administrative Assistant 
Phone: 601.499.0738

Gene Wright, Communication Coordinator



Christyl Erickson, Curriculum Rtl Coordinator   
Jennifer Fillingim, Math Curriculum Coordinator
Kim Kremser, Curriculum Specialist
Julia Burge, Literacy Specialist, Madison Avenue Upper Elementary
Tracy Jones, Literacy SpecialistMadison Central High
Mandi King, Literacy Specialist, Academic Options Center
Katie Butler, Literacy Specialist, Olde Towne Middle
Jo Levert, Literacy Specialist, Ann Smith Elementary
Jill Lay, Literacy Specialist, Ann Smith Elementary
Dara Evans, Literacy Specialist, Rosa Scott
Leigh Hinton, Literacy Specialist, Mannsdale Elementary
Lindsay Quick, Literacy Specialist, Ridgeland High
Nicole Cockrell, Literacy Specialist, Mannsdale Upper Elementary
Ashleigh Norman, Literacy Specialist, Germantown High
MacInnis, Patricia, Literacy Specialist, Highland Elementary 
Sarah Ellis, Literacy Specialist, Germantown Middle
Shan Ellis, Literacy Specialist, Shirley D Simmons Middle School
Breanne McLendon, Literacy Specialist, Madison Avenue Elementary
Mary Minich, Literacy Specialist, Madison Station Elementary 
Sandra Jarrett, Literacy Specialist, Madison Middle School
Vonekia Jones, Literacy Specialist, East Flora Elementary
Cristy Marshall, Literacy Specialist, Highland Elementary
Debbie Chapman, Literacy Specialist, Velma Jackson High
Amy James, Literacy Specialist, Camden Elementary
Marsha Peoples, Literacy Specialist, Luther Branson Elementary
Roby May, Math Specialist
Alissa Murray, Math Specialist
Pamela Rayburn, Math Specialist
Dr. Elizabeth Wells, Math Specialist
Patti Swan, Math Specialist
Jill Wynn, Behavior Specialist
Justin Slay, Behavior Specialist

Human Resources

Fax: 601.856.7671
Shay Williamson, Human Resources Director
Allison Rhodes, Asst. Human Resources Director
Paula Harrison, Human Resources Specialist
Beverly Smith, Human Resources Specialist
Stephanie Walden, Human Resources Specialist
Rick Ross, Worker's Compensation Officer

Office of Accreditation

Edith Mitchell, Associate Superintendent 
Debbie Fields, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 601.499.0712

Research and Development

Dr. Greg Paczak, Director of Research and Development
Mary Moak, Assistant Director of Research and Development
Ron Morrison, Research and Development Specialist


MSIS/SAM Data Office

Stephanie Permenter, Director of Student Services
Joyce McCullough, MSIS Specialist

Office of Federal Programs 

Fax: 601.853.8865
Phone: 601.499.0747
Brenda Thompson, Director of Federal Programs
Lucy Greenwood, Administrative Assistant
Kimberly Dowe-Davis, Technical Assistance Specialist
Joe Lloyd, Social Worker


Office of Finance

Fax (Accounts Payable):
Fax (All Other):
Phone: 601.499.0800
Barry McKenzie, Finance Director
Sheila Freeman, Assistant Director
Evelyn Blurton, Accounting Supervisor
Kathie Childress, Purchasing Agent
Patricia Appelbee, Accounts Payable/Purchasing Specialist
Halley Strickland, Accounts Payable Specialist
Tammy Caruthers, Accounts Payable Specialist
Liz Lewis, Payroll Supervisor
Sonya Spragis, Payroll Specialist
Roxie Williams, Payroll Specialist
Sharon Garvis-Washington, Payroll Specialist

16th Section Property 

Letitia Reeves, 16th Section Land Manager
Phone: 601.499.0717
Martha Moore, 16th Section Specialist
Phone: 601.499.0734

Fixed Assets 

Tracy Farmer, Fixed Assets Manager/Accounting Assistant
Melanie Lien, Fixed Assets/School Liaison Specialist

Child Nutrition



Sharon Thompson, SFNS, Child Nutrition Director
Calvin Younger, Child Nutrition Coordinator
Jennifer Grewe, Bookkeeper
Tami Rigby, Secretary


Office of Operations and Maintenance

Richard Burge, Associate Superintendent
Monique McGonagill, Administrative Assistant to Richard Burge
Kalvin Robinson, Associate Superintendent
Monique McGonagill, Administrative Assistant to Kalvin Robinson
Mary Barley, Administrative Assistant
Jay Harrison, Facilities and Maintenance Director
Laura Lundstrom, Administrative Assistant
Bill Lenington, Director of Operations
Verner Brown, Administrative Assistant  


Phone: 601.499.0800
Frankie Reed, Transportation Coordinator


Office of Special Services

Fax: 601.853.7610
Phone: 601.853.1326
Lynn Slay, Director of Special Services and 504 Coordinator
Cris Bryan, Assistant Director
Vicki Doty, Assistant Director
Beth Haller, Assistant Director
Lillian Prewitt, Assistant Director
Nancy Wilson, Administrative Assistant
Dahlia Walker, Administrative Assistant 

Tarea Stout, Transition Coordinator
Trinette Nichols, Transition Specialist
Susan Pinkston, Educator/Job Coach
Jack Hobbs, Special Projects/Job Coach
Johnnie Ellis Jr., Transportation/Job Coach
Laura Berry, Job/Coach
Jackie Nichols, Transportation/Job Coach
Rachel Bowen, School Psychologist and Psychometrist
Jennifer Cooley, Psychometrist
Shelly Crunk, Psychometrist
Patsy Eads, Psychometrist
Marie Hill, Behavior Specialist
Jennifer Williams, Behavior Specialist and Gifted Coordinator
Krissy Beattie, Assistive Technology Coordinator
Phyllis Regnier, Music Educator
Cathy Giroux, Physical Therapist
Kim Curbow-Wilcox, Physical Therapist
Peter Giroux, Occupational Therapist
Jana Stringer, Occupational Therapist
Lorraine Street, Occupational Therapist
Lynette Williams, Occupational Therapist
Sandra Dahmash, Occupational Therapist
Jeff Foster, Occupational Therapist 


Office of Technology

Gavin Guynes, Director
Annie Skipper, Administrative Assistant

Reuben Myers, Systems Administrator
Gary Ainsworth, Network Administrator
Chris Graves, Technology Integration Specialist 
Nashandra James, Instructional Technology Coordinator
Ginny Jackson, Instructional Technology Specialist
April Love, Instructional Technology Specialist 
Abbey Phillips, Instructional Technology Specialist
Liz Risher, Computer Technician Manager
Zharian Dawson, Computer Technician
Brett Hazelwood, Computer Technician
Matt Muzzi, Computer Technician
Troy Washington, Computer Technician
Elgin Whavers, Computer Technician