[STARFALL] http://starfall.com  - School favorite! Safe website for beginning readers


[ABC Ya!] www.abcya.com - Games by grade including word search puzzles, sudoku, tangrams, etc.


[DANCE MAT TYPING] http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/ - Best typing website for youngsters!  Teaches proper keyboarding with hilarious pictures and music!


[FACT DASH] http://macmillanmh.com/math/2002/student/   - Choose your grade and then scroll down to Fact Dash for times practice of basic math facts.


[FUNBRAIN] www.funbrain.com  - Kids love this site but there are a lot of ad links that make the site difficult to navigate for Kindergarten.  


[PBS KIDS] www.pbskids.org – All the fun and games from your favorite PBS shows.                                                                      


[MATH IS FUN] www.mathisfun.com . Great math practice and games!  Try reaction math for quick fact practice.


[SPEED MATH] http://www.mathsisfun.com/games/speed-math.html More fact practice ... How fast and accurate are you?


[REACTION MATH] http://www.mathsisfun.com/games/reaction-math.html - Even more fact practice Every K-2 should know their math facts!

[NUMBER NUT] www.numbernut.com – All abilities, many math games!
[ED HEADS] www.edheads.org - Try your hand at virtual surgery and other great science related activities

[Nimble Fingers] http://www.nimblefingers.com/ -1st grade typing- learn proper placement of hands on the keyboard and begin typing

 All grades are focusing on typing right now. We are all using Dance Mat Typing to practice our typing skills (the Link is posted above)
Kindergarten should be focusing on Home Row Keys (Level 1 -Stages 1-3)
1st is working on Level 2-3 (all stages, especially practicing level 3-stage 9) and Level 4 (stage 11)

2nd is working on mainly Level 4 (All Stages)