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Welcome to second grade!  You will find our weekly newsletter below which includes skills, homework and important announcements.    


January 5-9


Theme:  American and Chinese New Year


Shared Reading:  Tikki Tikki Tembo


Vocabulary: custom - the usual way of doing things

                      chattering - to talk fast or without thinking

                      heir - a person who receives property from someone who dies

                      reverence - a feeling of respect mixed with love

                      puzzled - confused


Spelling words: frog, trap, help, skip, shrub, untie, mistreat, preview, rewrite, people, there


Reading: Review main idea and supporting details


Language: Review synonyms, antonyms, compound words, prefixes, and contractions


Phonics: Use a root word as a clue to figure out the meaning of an unknown word with the same root word (ex: addition, additional)


Math: Data collection; number stories; subtraction strategies



Review spelling and vocabulary words daily. Study math addition facts. 

Monday - Reading sheet; math sheet  

Tuesday - Math sheet; P.E. tomorrow ** Return signed papers**

Wednesday - Vocabulary test tomorrow

Thursday – Math sheet; Spelling test tomorrow; Library tomorrow


Special notes and reminders:

·        Welcome back! Please remind your child that we have many things left to learn.

·        Please check with your child to see if they need any supplies for school. Some of the children need a new black and white composition notebook for morning work and spelling… we are just about to run out of pages !! J

·        We have reexamined our safety plan and are closely following the rules and procedures. Please make sure you have checked in at the office and have a visitor’s pass. Also, just a reminder that you are always welcome for lunch. If you could help us out when you do come and eat to not walk down the hallways with your child when lunch is over. Thank you for your help in keeping our school safe.