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Welcome to second grade!  You will find our weekly newsletter below which includes skills, homework and important announcements.


November 30- December 4    

                                             Hutson’s Herald


Theme:  Antarctica; Properties of Sound

  Shared Reading:  The Legend of the Poinsettia - a Mexican Christmas legend

 Vocabulary: dye – to give a new color

                      burro – a donkey

                      bundle – something that is wrapped

                      tangle – to become knotted in a twisted mess

                      poinsettia – a plant with large colorful leaves


Spelling words: goat, grow, blow, haven't, can't, don't, won't, we're, they're, foe, toe

 Reading: Main Idea

 Phonics: Long o digraphs (oa, oe, ow); contractions with not, are

 Language: Friendly letters, syllabication

 Math: Quadrangles; 3-Dimensional Shapes



Review spelling and vocabulary words daily.

Monday - Reading sheet; Math sheet

Tuesday - Math sheet; Remember to wear your tennis shoes for P.E.

Wednesday - Vocabulary assessment tomorrow

Thursday - Spelling test tomorrow; Math sheet; Remember your library book tomorrow


Special notes and reminders:

·       We invite you to join your child Wednesday, December 9th to eat Christmas lunch with your child. Our regular lunch time is 11:15. 

·       Our Christmas party is Thursday, December 17th from 11:00-12:00. Please watch for letters and emails from your child’s teacher and homeroom mom!

·        Many of the children do not readily know their addition facts. This is a vital skill for success in two and three digit addition. Please work on this at home.