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Welcome to second grade!  You will find our weekly newsletter below which includes skills, homework and important announcements.    

                              Hutson’s Herald                               

October 20-24


Theme: Spiders/Arachnids


Shared Reading:  Anansi and the Talking Melon


Vocabulary:  impatient – uneasy; wanting change

                       prodded – poke with a finger, foot, or object

                       rind – the outward coat of trees or fruits

                       hurled – act of throwing

                       insult – to speak with rudeness; to offend


Spelling words:  moon, room, goose, look, wood, stood, some, want, good, would

Reading: cause and effect; text features (titles, headings, illustrations, etc.)

Language:  subjects and verbs

Phonics: “oo” sounds in words

Math: Solving story problems



Monday - Reading sheet; math sheet

Tuesday - Math sheet; P.E. tomorrow **Return signed papers**

Wednesday - Vocabulary assessment tomorrow;

Thursday - Spelling test tomorrow; Remember to bring your library book tomorrow.


Special notes and reminders:


  • Red Ribbon week is the week of the 20-24th: Monday students are encouraged to wear red, on Wednesday students will be allowed to dress like their favorite super hero (please follow the guidelines in the handbook) and on Friday students are asked to wear their favorite sports team shirts, jerseys, etc.
  • Our second grade program will be November 14th.  We will let you know the time when that is announced.  The children must wear jeans for the program with their program t-shirt.  When the t-shirts arrive we will keep them at school until the day of the program.
  • REMINDER: Students must be present for 63% of instruction of the school day. This does not include recess and lunch.