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Welcome to second grade!  You will find our weekly newsletter below which includes skills, homework and important announcements.        
                                                Taylor’s Talk     

April 21-25
*Please be sure to check the bottom of the newsletter for special notes
each week.

Theme: Australia/Ocean

Shared Reading: Amos and Boris


tread – to keep head above the surface of the water by
moving your a
ms and legs
leisure – not having to work or do duties;
something that is fun

dreadful – very disagreeable or unpleasant

immense – very great in size or amount

luminous – giving off light

rodent – any of the small mammals such as
mice, rats, squirrels, and

mission, decision, fraction, addition, direction, June, July, Saturday, Sunday


Reading:Review(story elements, sequencing, main idea and supporting details,characterization)

Phonics:sion, tion

Language:Review (nouns,
verbs, adjectives, adverbs, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, plurals, prefixes,

Math: Money



spelling and vocabulary words daily.


Tuesday- Math sheet; P.E. tomorrow

Wednesday-Vocabulary test tomorrow

Thursday –Math sheet; Spelling test tomorrow;Library tomorrow


Special notes and reminders:

Easter holidays will be this Friday,April 18th, and Monday,April 21st

Residency bills and updated items (loans, etc.) are due as soon as possible.

    Here are some important dates for second grade for this week:


    • Writer’s Gallery-April 23rd(Our
            class’ time and place is 12:00 in the Professional Development Library
            (old Middle School Library). All parents are invited and
            encouraged to come!)


    • Malco Field Trip-April 24th(We
            do not take parent chaperones on this field trip due to limited seating
            in the theater.)Students will need to bring a sack lunch, and need to
            wear their red patriotic program t-shirt. 


We have a lot to accomplish before school is out in
a few weeks. Continue to encourage your
child to do their VERY best!