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Welcome to second grade!  You will find our weekly newsletter below which includes skills, homework and important announcements.    

                                                       September 8-12         



Theme: Mississippi


Shared Reading:  A House is a House for Me


Vocabulary: snug - offering comfort and security

                      coop - a fenced area where small animals are kept

                     dwelling - a place to live in

                      husk - a dry, leafy covering of some fruits and vegetables

                      pod -  the shell that holds the seeds of some plants


Spelling words: school, stop, snake, what, skin, space, because, smile, swim, who


Language: Compound words; Common and Proper nouns                                                                   

Math:  Related facts, fact families, using a balance and spring scale



Review spelling and vocabulary words daily.

Monday - Make a list of five common nouns and five proper nouns (you may write on the back of the math homework J; math sheet

Tuesday – Reading sheet; P.E. tomorrow **Return signed papers**

Wednesday - Vocabulary assessment tomorrow

Thursday - Spelling test tomorrow; math sheet


Special notes and reminders:

·        We are talking about Mississippi products and famous people from Mississippi.  Help your child find a picture (magazine, internet, etc.) of a product made/grown in Mississippi, a famous person from Mississippi, or famous places in Mississippi.  We will need the pictures by Wednesday, September 10. (examples:  cotton, soybeans, catfish, watermelon, eggs, Viking, Nissan, Oprah Winfrey, Jimmy Buffet, Brett Favre, Conway Twitty, Elvis Presley’s house, etc.)  Please do not limit the pictures to the ones listed.  The wider the variety we have, the better!                                                                                          

·        Remember to join the PTO. Membership is $10.00.  Let's reach the 100% goal!!  

·        SCHOOL PICTURES - Wednesday, September 10th.  

·        REMINDER: Students must be present for 63% of instruction of the school day. This does not include recess and lunch.