Madison Crossing Elementary

Mark Of Excellence


Heather Kling




My classroom motto is...
       "Acceptance is seeing with your heart, not with your eyes." 

"When Michelangelo looked at the block of marble he was to carve, he looked beyond the outside and saw the shape of the statue he was about create.  He could see the real beauty hidden within." -Valerie Stewart



                                                                    About the Teacher

Career: This will be my 18th year to teach and I have loved every minute of it!  I received my National Board Certificate in 2000 and my Masters degree in 2011.  

Personal: I have two precious daughters and a wonderful husband.  We love to ski, raft and hike as a family.   We love to vacation in Colorado



Take a look below to see some of my adventures!



  Yes...That is a mama grizzly bear and one of her cubs! 

                         The chipmunk actually jumped on my lap and stole a chip from my hand! 



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