Welcome Message


Welcome to Mrs. Peeler’s second grade! I am extremely excited about how much our students are learning!  Hopefully, this letter can help communicate some things we need to do:
(1) Buses-                                   First Student is controlling the buses again. Please be sure to check the bus
                                                 your child rides. If you have any questions or problems direct your phone calls
                                                 to First Student (601-898-2822).


(2) School Supplies -                    The class fee for second grade is $45.00.  


(3) Lunch -                                 Student’s Lunch will be $2.50 a day this year. Checks for the entire lunch week
                                                are still appreciated ($12.50 for lunch). Milk is $.50 and  Adult’s Lunch is $3.00.


(4) Other Important Items -       
                                               Please be sure  to let me know if there is anything I need to know at anytime
                                                about your child, e.g. medication, health, allergies, etc.
                                                Reminder, if phone numbers or addresses change during
                                                the school year please let me know. It is very important for the school to be able
                                                 to reach you at anytime. 


(5) Parents’ Conferences-             If you did not schedule a conference when you attended Back to School Night/Parent Orientation please let me know when you would like one. Thank you to the parents that attended that night.  It was so encouraging to see how supportive you are of your child's education process.
 Please ask your children what they learned in school each day.
This technique helps to reinforce classroom learning. Thank you  for purchasing supplies and helping when needed.
 My goal is to be the very best teacher/educator that I can be to assist your child during this school year. My
goal is to ensure that every child enjoys success and gains knowledge in our classroom. All of us together can make
education a truly wonderful experience.      

                 Mrs. Peeler