To enroll, each student should register at the school they are assigned to attend. The following documents will be needed to enroll:

  • Mortgage document, filed homestead exemption, or property deed. If leasing, original home or apartment lease;

  • A utility disconnect notice from the previous address and proof of reconnect at the current address may be required;

  • Two current utility (electric, water, gas, land phone) bills. Bills addressed to a PO Box will not be accepted. Cell phone bills will not be accepted.

  • Certified birth certificate (No copies);

  • Social security card (No copies);

  • Certified court documentation of guardianship when enrolling a student as his/her legal guardian;

  • Certificate of health compliance (immunization form) issued by the Mississippi Department of Health or a local physician;

  • Address of previous school attended;

  • Withdrawal information from the previous school attended;

  • Report card (elementary, middle school), or a transcript (high school);

  • Receive student’s cumulative folder from the last school attended;

  • Out of country students will be enrolled with a certified passport, a certified birth certificate must be provided within 30 days of enrollment.

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Please refer to the student handbook to view complete enrollment information.